Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing

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G&W Lumber handles a wide selection of tools and hardware for the homeowner and contractor.

We can cover all the bases when it comes to hardware, from power tools to caulking gun and nail guns to hinges plus a wide variety of blades,drill bits and much more.

We would like to see you and hear about your projects!


G&W Lumber as a large selection of electrical supplies from “box to bulb”
We carry Murry panel boxes, Murry and Square D breakers. If you just need a new receptacle and cover, we have it.
Don’t let electric be a shocking experience, stop in and let us help you.


G&W Lumber has a great selection of plumbing.
We have all you needs for a septic field and drains in and around your house.
We also have faucets and supply lines. We carry assorted sizes of ADS culvert, Pex pipe and fittings, Sch40 pipe, And water heaters.

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